What happened?

Major organizations from Russia and Ukraine are reporting a new ransomware attack that is spreading through networks, locking the system down. The ransomware began with a coordinated attack infecting organizations simultaneously on 24th of October. Analysis from Kaspersky Lab examined an elaborate network of hacked websites from where the Bad Rabbit attack may have originated. Cyber security experts have reported the malware dubbed “Bad Rabbit” posed as an Adobe update to infiltrate business networks in their attack.

Currently on the market there are many password manager programs. Sure, you can use the “Website & App Passwords” feature on an iPhone, but not everyone has an iPhone. Web browsers offer to save passwords, but it is not safe. Web browsers do not encrypt passwords and rely on the built-in security of your computer.

The following password manager apps are the top two that I found to be ultimately secure and user friendly.  We will examine some of the pros and cons of each.

What We Know

Much like previous ransomware attacks, Petya and NotPetya, Bad Rabbit was able to propagate laterally across networks and infected entire networks from a single machine. Analysis by researchers found that Bad Rabbit shares much of the same code as the NotPetya malware. Kaspersky lab researchers reported that their observations suggest that Bad Rabbit targeted corporate networks unlike how Petya and NotPetya were indiscriminate in their attacks. Company networks became completely paralyzed after being infected, leaving employees with no access to their workstations. Victims from all three ransomware attacks received a message demanding payment in exchange for them to unlock the system.

Bad Rabbit Ransomware Incidents

What We Should Do

Top security experts advise against paying ransoms. There is little incentive for the attackers to return access to your files and paying ransoms encourages more ransomware attacks. When dealing with sensitive files, such as legal, medical or family photos, paying the ransom is a viable option for recovering your data. A sure way to recover files is to regularly back up your system, before you are infected take steps to protect yourself.