SkyVault™ Data Protection

Trouble-free backup and disaster recovery.

As an IT Service business, we understand the importance of reliable backups. Digital data grows at a rapid pace, compounding year after year. The risk of data loss is, unfortunately, a very likely occurrence with incidents such as hard drive failures, corrupted files, virus damage, ransomware and accidentally deleted files. Additionally, unforeseen disasters like broken water pipes, fire, or simply a spilled cup of coffee on a laptop can separate you from your critical business data when you need it most.

To be prepared for such unfortunate events, Skyline IT Services offers SkyVault™ data protection. SkyVault™ is an on-premise device that backs up all your critical servers in real-time and optionally sends backups to the cloud for a secure offsite safeguard. With SkyVault™, you can implement a backup solution quickly without the need to purchase and maintain backup hardware or software. The SkyVault™ data protection solution is an affordable effective backup solution offered on a set monthly fee that you can budget around.

Our SkyVault™ data protection solution is operated on a secure network with your business in mind. SkyVault™ cloud storage is housed in a top-tier secure datacenter located in San Diego, California. The datacenter is built on a robust infrastructure with redundant internet feeds and power. Our storage network is built with hardware and software designed to provide the most secure and reliable solution.

SkyVault™ data protection is a business backup and disaster recovery solution curtailed to each client’s unique requirements. We will customize your SkyVault™ so that backups run in an optimized manner and do not disrupt your business operations. Additionally, you’ll have priority access to our San Diego-based IT support team who can quickly and effectively recover corrupted or missing files.

SkyVault™ Highlights

  • Near real-time automated backups
  • Optional cloud–based offsite backups
  • Quick file restores
  • No need for maintaining hardware or purchased tapes
  • Server virtualization during prolonged server outages
  • Bare-metal restores to dissimilar hardware
  • Affordable monthly fee-based solution you can budget for
  • Support from a Team of IT experts

As a business you have many choices and requirements for your backup solution. As not all businesses are the same, our IT consultants will discuss what data protection solution works best for your business. Contact San Diego’s premier IT services company today.

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