Cloud made of computer circuits and 1 and 0s

There are several types of file sharing services as well as backup services that you can use for your business. If you are new to storing and sharing data, this should give you all of the information that you might need to obtain the right sharing and backup service that you require for your business.

Why you need them

Gone are the days when we feel secure backing up our information in one spot, on one device. As a business you are susceptible to hackers and data loss because of hard drive crashes and a lot of other things that can occur. This is especially true if you have a lot of personal data that needs to be kept within a company or just a few employees and can’t be lost. Hiring a data recovery expert to get those files back is an expensive process, and it isn’t guaranteed either. A backup service can help keep your information safe as well as protected from damage or loss.

Keeping your data safe

You might think that storing your data on in a single cloud is enough to keep your data safe. This is a common held belief because many businesses save their data on a single server. But you don’t want your information stored on one server, because if any file becomes corrupt, every portal that you use to access that information will be corrupt as well.

Storing your information in a cloud will keep it safe from hackers or from accidental data loss. If it is stored on multiple servers instead of just one, it’s at the risk of being taken over by someone or something that you don’t have any control over. You will want a sharing service as well as a back up that keeps your files in a safe place. No matter how many times they are shared, you must keep the hard copy from falling into the wrong hands, as well as keeping it in a spot that you can easily access when necessary. 

Advancements in technology

You  might be wondering why all of this is necessary, but technology has gotten a lot more sophisticated in recent years and something like this is necessary for protecting your data. Ransomware is a lot more sophisticated than it once was. So you will want something that offers you a backup solution that isn’t simple to hack into. The back up servers will store all of your information for you so that it is easily accessible by the right people.

Avoiding data loss

There is also a lot of downtime associated with losing data or data becoming corrupted. You have to go into the deepest depths of your technological abilities to try and recover your data from something that could have easily been prevented. A lot of these Cloud file sharing services are self explanatory and don’t require a lot of training or even an expert to help you to learn and figure out how to use it. In fact, for some, if you already have Microsoft 365, then the transition from this to a cloud sharing service should be pretty seamless. None of them are very expensive, they save you time, and money in the long run, and are easy to use. You might not be able to get your data back no matter how hard you try, and losing it might even be worse than having it compromised in some way.

Employees might not always be trustworthy

It isn’t always people from the outside that try to hack into your servers to try and pull information, sometimes it happens on the inside. This isn’t as rare as you might think that it is. Employees, from the inside, can actually hack into information and steal it for their own personal gain. The inside is the most risky position for information to be, because  your employees have access to a lot of it, so it’s best to keep the bulk of your private resources private. It isn’t just about keeping information out of the wrong hands, there are legal requirements that are expected of you as well and the back up cloud sharing follows those guidelines.

Choose the right Cloud sharing service for your business

There are different types of back up cloud sharing. The one you choose will have to be on that you feel is right for you. The type you choose will depend on your own individual needs, but if you are already use Microsoft 365, then Microsoft One Drive will be the right one for you.

This specific service is easy for the first timer to use without a lot of assistance required. Not only does it enable you to store your data, it allows for sharing and syncing as well. With this service, your data is saved across multiple servers, so you can count on the fact that your data will never be lost, you will be able to access it on any device that you want to access it on. If you have PowerPoint, Excel, or Word, then this can all be backed up with Microsoft One Drive. The type of cloud sharing that you choose will depend on your individual needs for specific business. This is one of the best for cloud sharing and back up.

Microsoft One Drive

This one pairs perfectly with Microsoft 365, and you might think that this one is good enough to keep your data safe and secure. It might keep it safe to a degree, but it’s not enough to keep it out of the wrong hands. If data gets lost while using this type of sharing service, this loss will be irreversible, it doesn’t keep it as secure as several servers specifically designed to house information that can’t afford to be lost. This one is worth the cost, and if you are already using products that mesh with it, then this would be the best choice for storing the main data and being able to share this data with others.


Dropbox is also another good one to use for businesses. This one makes it really easy to store and share files. There will be an icon right on your desktop that you can drag and drop files to, making it an easy and seamless experience for you and for the person you are sharing the files with. No matter who you share them with, your main files are still stored safely on a back up cloud system, and the original is still going to stay put and stay protected. The person you are sending the files to doesn’t need to have an account in order for you to share files with, they will be able to view them if you send them. It is easy to use and won’t be complicated for a first time use to operate, it is also available on a lot of different platforms. The cost of this type of service depends on the kind that you get, you can have up to three users, and the price varies on how often you want to pay and how many people are going to be using it as a back up.


I-drive is a great option, although, if you are purchasing it for a business, you will want to make sure that you are purchasing the one specifically for businesses. There are two versions, but only one is good for businesses. It has a lot of the same great features as the other two. This doesn’t have the same capabilities as other cloud storage services, but that would depend on your individual needs. If you are needing to back up several servers at the same time, then this would be the right one for you, but if you are looking to integrate with third party platforms, this might  not be the best option for you. High security storage is more of what this specific cloud storage provides in comparison to the other two cloud storage services.

No matter what you choose, make sure that you are choosing something that is right for you. It’s not expected that you will be able to make this choice straight away, you will want to perform a bit more research involving the matter on your own terms so that you can make the best decision for your company.

Be aware of all of the capabilities and necessities that you have to deal with in your business. It isn’t just about you, but it’s about your employees as well. They will want to know that data is stored successfully and in a safe place where it can’t be harmed or lost for good. There are a few webpages that you can check out that will help you to make a decision. If you need a little help, IT consultancy firm such as this can do it. This page will give you additional information and allow you to communicate with someone that will help you make a decision on the best cloud storing and sharing software for your company.

The reasons that you need a cloud sharing and storing back up plan are pretty well covered here, but there are some more in depth reasons here. This contains seven reasons why you might need to gain access to something like this for your business. If you even wondered if you might need something, this is it. You may have made it this far without needing a service like this, but it is really only a matter of time before your information becomes compromised, or an angry employee decides to take that information for their own personal gain. You won’t want either of these things to happen to you.

Keep in mind that there are going to be a lot of cloud storage services that are going to want your business and are going to try and convince you that they are what you need. Consider all your options carefully before you decide which one is the best for you.