While we browse and click online we presume privacy, however we are also freely exchanging this information with other parties with unknown agendas. We all openly welcome new devices and enable them to send and receive all sorts of data. Exposing ourselves like this has made dangerous sharing habits common, habits that make it easy for cybercriminals to obtain sensitive information. Being too open can lead to serious consequences, but it also means that being too open can lead to less work from us. Here are some areas where being too open can mean devastating consequences.


Public Wi-Fi networks are inherently insecure. All the information you receive or send is vulnerable for interception.  Be it emails, passwords, Facebook posts, these can be intercepted by cybercriminals that are on the same network. Avoid doing any online shopping while on public Wi-Fi because malicious software could intercept the connection and gain access to sensitive financial information. Public networks can be accessed by anyone which means connections can be viewed, intercepted, and recorded by anyone. If using a public Wi-Fi network is your only option, then make sure you are using encryption like SSL or a VPN.

Emails have taken over as the most popular mode of communication. Emails have layers of security that minimize risk of many different types of malware. However, there are some vulnerabilities that cyber criminals can take advantage to breach your security. Opening email attachments or clicking on a legitimate looking URLs could mean infecting your computer with malware. Email platforms focus their resources more on preventing email interception, making your inbox the biggest vulnerability of your email.


Going onto social media platforms is a fun way to connect with friends and family, however your posts could potentially be seen by people with malicious intentions. It is possible to inadvertently expose sensitive information that criminals are looking to get. When posting on social media, make sure you are posting information you are willing to let everyone know.

Simple passwords make for a weak layer of security. Since complicated passwords are easy to forget, so often people tend to create simple passwords instead. Hackers can bypass simple passwords with programs that can guess your password in a small amount of time. When creating a password, the bigger the better. A long and complicated password is difficult to crack, for passwords size does matter.

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