Companies around the world have confirmed network security breaches as a part of a global hack. The US company that owns the production of Oreo’s reported a security breach of their network that impacted their global operations. Many other companies and government agencies have reported being infected by the virus sent out by the hackers. The new generation of a ransomware being called Petya is reported to be the cause of this cyber attack. This new and more dangerous ransomware exploited a weakness in Microsoft windows operating systems. The ransomware used sophisticated techniques to coordinate and spread across thousands of networks. Once a computer became infected with the malware, the entire network was compromised.

'Petya' Ransomware Attack Image

The ransomware encrypted the infected computer’s data, making the data inaccessible. The malware then alerted the user that any effort to recover the data is useless and the only way to do so is to send a payment to a bitcoin address. As of today, the bitcoin address shows many transactions amounting to almost ten thousand dollars. Malware is now a common aspect of everyday life. Staying protected against security threats is important to keep our systems and networks safe. Here are some helpful steps to best protect yourself from dangerous malware.

1. Maintaining the latest security updates for your operating system can greatly reduce your chances of being infected my malicious software. 
2. Installing antivirus software can prevent malware from affecting your computer as well as removing it entirely.
3. Spam is a large source of malware, so be careful on what emails you open and what links you click while browsing the internet.

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