If you haven’t noticed the corporate colors at Skyline IT Services are red (a slight burgundy), black and gold. However, deep down we are really green at heart. In today’s electronic dependent world which requires vast supplies of energy to power and maintain, Skyline IT Services works hard to get the most out of technology while reducing our overall carbon foot print. Additionally we help our customers meet their own green computing requirements.

Some of these green initiatives include:

  • Server virtualization – We use power sensitive “green” physical server hardware and run software on it which allows us to create many “virtual” servers on one set of hardware. These virtual servers for all intensive purposes function just as if they were real servers, but without the cost and energy requirements associated with running the same number of physical servers. This has reduced the number of physical servers we use to run our business on from eight down to two thus reducing our power consumption and cooling needs.
  • Paperless office – We have worked hard to eliminate the need and requirement to print. Working with our customers we encourage the use of email for correspondence, invoicing, and reporting. Additionally internally we use iPads during meetings for agendas, report review, and other instances where printed material might have been used. When we do absolutely have to print to paper we only use recycled paper.
  • Office energy usage – We always encourage employees to turn off lighting and other devices when not in use in addition to powering down their workstation when they leave for the day. Additionally we have automatic lighting in common areas and energy star appliances.
  • Recycle! – We recycle everything that is recyclable. Having easy access to recycle bins for paper products to glass and cans is key. We recycle old computers, monitors, cell phones, printers – you name it. Today there are plenty of recycling centers for electronic goods which makes this task much easier.

As technology continues to advance and we as mother earth loving people depend more on gadgets that require power to get through the day – we also need to spend as much time looking for ways to do more with less electricity and conserve natural resources like water, paper, and metals.