The response to address modern cyber-attacks is often software focused solutions, even though the biggest cyber vulnerability to a business is its own people. Effective security awareness training for all employees is central to effective protection against cyberattacks. There is more to cyber protection than just software, employees are often at the target of cyber-attacks. Leveraging a limited security awareness from employees can bring down the toughest security in the existence.  Cyber criminals most often look to exploit poor security decisions on the part of employees, it is everyone’s responsibility to help protect the organization and here is a list of steps to help you kick off basic cyber security culture within your business.

  1. Start with the basics. Passwords. An easy way that easily improves your security is to instead of using the word “password” use “passphrase”. An eight-character password can be cracked with a few hours, and it could be seconds if it is a common password. Using a passphrase of minimum three words can make it uncrackable with current technology.

It is crucial; that businesses have an effective software update policy in place. A secure BYOD program should emphasize regular patch updates to all devices.  A comprehensive audit of current system devices can give you an idea of what devices are lacking in terms of security updates.

  1. Employees awareness training should be at the core to strengthening an organization’s security posture. Employees make decisions every day that affect their business’s security, it is important to address security topics before cyber security becomes an issue. Ongoing security awareness programs for employees with newsletters, contest, points and other activities will motivate and encourage employee participation.  The goal for these programs is to make security a constant reminder of secure cyber practices.
  2. Cyber security awareness can go only so far, blogger and host of The Standard Deviant Security Podcast readily appreciates organizations where senior leadership embody organizational security. Company leadership can really energize employees by setting the tone for cyber security.

A business’s cyber security depends on all employees’ to be aware of cyber security threats. Like most things in life, cyber security is an ongoing challenge that must be met repeatedly as both the threat and the organization change. At Skyline IT Services, our slogan is “Security is Everyone’s Responsibility.”