Skyvault by Skyline IT

SkyVault™ Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery | Critical Component to Business Continuity. In today’s technology dependent business environment companies depend heavily on data driven resources, but due to cost and complexities, access to enterprise solutions can be challenging for smaller businesses. Backup solutions for small and medium businesses have traditionally been limited to local backups to tape or disk with the option of storing the media offsite. These solutions work for recovering files, folders and email.

They are however cumbersome to manage, timely to run and recover, and fail to provide disaster recovery and business continuity in event a server completely fails or your business suffers an unfortunate event like theft, flood, or fire.

Skyline IT Services SkyVault™ Managed Backup solution brings the enterprise solution to small and medium businesses in the form of an easy to deploy appliance that can perform local backups, cloud backups, exchange mailbox level recovery, and server virtualization in the event of a server failure. Our solution is designed to grow as your business grows and is priced at a low monthly rate with no initial hardware to purchase.

Data Recovery with the SkyVault™

  • Fast and reliable disk-based backup that captures full point-in-time backup images of your entire system.
  • Provides rapid recovery to reduce downtime to maximize business continuity and avoid business disruption. The SkyVault™ recovers individual files and folders quickly.
  • Provide fast and reliable disaster recovery, data protection and complete system recovery to get Windows servers, desktops and laptops online as quickly as possible.

Benefits of SkyVault™

  • Flexible – backup your Windows servers and desktops locally and to the Cloud, recover lost files and folders fast, replicate one or more servers in the event of a hardware failure or disaster for true business data continuity.
  • Scalable – As your business, data and servers grow our solution can grow with it. Our tiered services make it easy to upgrade the local appliance and amount of cloud storage and this typically does not require any hardware reconfiguration.
  • Fixed Cost – our monthly pricing includes the hardware, local and cloud backup, monitoring, recovery support and appliance maintenance.