Incorporating Tablets into your workplace isn’t a new development, but is starting to have a bit more sparkle to the idea now that the devices are becoming more “consumer friendly” or simply put, “cheaper”. With this idea poses questions of pros and cons of using Tablets in the workplace, but what exactly are those pros and cons and what do they mean to you?

One of the most common cons to implementing a new idea into the workplace is getting everyone on board. There are a lot of people who are desktop users and are uncomfortable with change. But as luck would have it, Tablets are very user friendly. These devices require little to no training and most training or “how to” videos can be found online for free. Plus most, if not all, of the software downloads such as Skype, Outlook, Office and e-mail on your desktop can be applied to these mobile devices; no new training may be required.

On our bus ride home we see a number of people using their mobile devices to answer text messages, respond to e-mails and even update Facebook status i.e. “WOW! Thank goodness for Skyline IT Services or it would have been a terrible work day! #ComputerCrashed #needhelp #SkylineITrocks”. But how many people are already using those devices to complete their last task at work, answering a business e-mail and using their personal time to get more work done? Tablets in the workplace can enhance productivity by allowing access to work at all hours of the day. We know that time is money—so this is a HUGE pro!

10 Tips for Mobile Protection
  1. Password Protect
  2. Download a security software or app
  3. Turn ON “Do Not Track” on your browser
  4. Keep your browser on Private
  5. DO NOT Auto-fill
  6. Clean your Cookies often
  7. Use a Mobile locator
  8. Secure your social media outlets
  9. Avoid making purchases while on public WiFi
  10. Create NEW, stronger passwords

With the use of the Tablets everywhere and anywhere, are we compromising our company’s security? When dealing with sensitive information such as personal records we use all precautions to keep our clients protected. More risk is taken by using unsecured Wi-Fi on our travels. There are ways of assuring more protection and security for our mobile devices, but not everyone is competent in this area of expertise. Unless you are willing to provide the education needed to secure your company the risk of breach of confidentiality is a MAJOR con.

There are so many advantages and disadvantages, however persuasion in incorporating Tablets into the workplace or not is not the intention here, but to embrace the fact that technology is moving forward and here at Skyline IT Services we strive to move right along with it. We provide continuing education for our technical staff and if purchasing the proper device for your company is a concern of yours, ask our experts to help research the variety of devices offered based on your needs. Skyline IT Services will be happy to help you implement this innovation, provide our helpdesk services for new learners and download the software needed to keep your company safe at any location.

The Pros and Cons:

Pros Cons
Productivity enhancer Confidential – not as secure
Multiple devices and programs to choose from Longevity
Inexpensive – especially when comparing it to new PC’s in the office Employee’s comfort with change
Easy to use – user friendly Disc Burning
Faster – instant knowledge Multiple USB ports
Large screen – easy on eyes