Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you want ideas on a gift for your significant other. This Valentine’s Day gift Guide will focus on people who love tech, if you are finding yourself lost as to what a great tech gift would be this guide is for you. A nice restaurant dinner on Valentine’s Day is great, but an easily maneuverable drone capable of barrel rolls is just as cool.

Tile Key Finder

Tile Key Finder

Clip on to whatever you always can’t seem to find. This device can help you keep track of your keys, wallets, remotes, or significant other. This is a simple solution to save you time looking for things and being frustrated because you know that’s where you just left it. Every move they make, you can be watching them.


Daily Calendar

A personalized tear away calendar with 365 photos is a perfect gift to commemorate the year. Give your loved one a daily feeling of being thought of with the tear away calendar by Social Media Prints.
Mini RGB Light from Aukey

Mini RGB Light from Aukey

Set the mood for a romantic night with the Mini RGB Light from Aukey. Enhance the mood with the ambiance light, smoothly drop the brightness for a night of romance. This lamp is a fantastic addition to any room; it is durable, drop- resistant, and water proof for the occasional accident.


Love is for a lifetime, bitcoin is forever. Bitcoin is continuing to grow, much like your love for you partner, this gift will symbolize the bond you both share. Watch the price of a coin rise beyond what many expected it to be, much like the love you both have for each other.

Samsung Gear 360

Samsung 360 Camera

Capture entire moments, every tiny detail. 360 camera can capture life as it actually happens, telling a complete story without leaving behind important bits. This camera can let your loved one reexplore experiences in amazing detail.

Wynwood Backpack from Jansport

This backpack is Never going to let you down, the suspension system will make carrying a large load comfortable. The waterproof material will never give up, even in heavy rain. There is no way this backpack will desert you, the adjustable sternum strap adds extra protection against accidently slips.

Mohawk Drone from Aukey

Fly your way into your partners heart and infect them with love. The Mohawk drone is easily piloted and can execute many high skill maneuvers with little to no experience. With a one touch command this drone will return home, do not worry about it not coming back.