Man in Datacenter


Most businesses get stuck with IT challenges and don’t know how to solve them.

To make matters worse, information technology changes so fast it makes their head spin. It’s not like the old days when you had a few computers, an operating system, and a handful of applications.

Now there’s a ton of devices to think about. There are apps and mobile equipment and cloud-based strategies. It’s like walking through a dense jungle.

Before you know it, the expenses pile up. You’ve got to find trained workers, purchase the right infrastructure, and have a plan for keeping everything up-to-date. And what happens when something breaks?

Maybe you can relate to this:

-It’s a struggle keeping up with changing technology

-Your data center requires faster solutions

-Your team needs better collaboration tools

-Data security must be stronger

-Cloud deployments are confusing

-New projects are delayed

If you’re facing any of those scenarios, it’s time for managed IT services.


Imagine you’re a banking executive at a relatively new credit union.

You have four branches, and there are more expansion opportunities. However, it seems like every month your IT grows more complicated.

This puts a lot of stress on your staff, and they’re constantly handling many IT challenges. With all the updates, downtimes, and compliance issues, it’s hard for your employees to stay on top of everything.

Out of desperation, you hire an IT firm to manage the situation. And almost immediately, you see the positive impact.

They help you with practical components and regulatory demands. They also move your technology to the cloud so you’re no longer reliant with on-location servers. This one vendor provides you with multiple services, and you’re shocked with how much they can handle.

Soon, your infrastructure becomes modern, efficient, and secure.

For the first time, the credit union feels nimble. Technology doesn’t frustrate you. Momentum builds across all branches.

With all this expertise on your side, your daily focus changes. Now you can grow loans and open new branches while knowing the IT will simply work.

Sound like a dream? No matter the industry, it can be a reality.


What is managed IT support?

It’s when a business delegates its information technology to a specialist.

Instead of internal staff members chasing problems all day, a third party is hired for ongoing system management. With technology advances, routine maintenance and monitoring can be achieved remotely, allowing for even faster response times.

Qualities of Managed IT Support:


  • Catch problems before they become serious
  • Keep software and security updated
  • Gain support day, night, weekends, and holidays
  • Monitor and manage remotely
  • Integrate new locations into a consistent infrastructure

Qualified Technicians and Staff

  • Receive fast service
  • Avoid hiring more internal employees
  • Benefit from a team with experience
  • Pass vendor communication to the team
  • Secure your information by building a framework


  • Choose between small business packages
  • Reduce costs instead of creating an in-house team
  • Consolidate expenses into a fixed set of costs
  • Increase equipment efficiency
  • Scale as your business changes


Managed IT is an intentional approach for growing your company.

When you hire a team of experts, you stay focused on expanding the core competencies of your business. This brings new momentum to your strategic initiatives instead of being bogged down with day-to-day operations.

To use the illustration of the credit union above, you’re able to open more branches, onboard them into an overall IT framework, and bring more benefits to your members. You can also sleep better at night.

Managed IT gives you the horsepower of much larger companies, allowing you to expand your equipment and expertise while pushing ahead of competitors. And for scaling, it becomes easier for you to update to the latest technologies.

In addition, you enjoy security protocols that give you peace of mind. Your business keeps humming, even when faced with emergencies or unusual scenarios.

An in-house IT team only sees the problems that have already arisen in your business. An outsourced IT team brings experience about how to solve issues your business has never seen.


Skyline IT Services offers these solutions to the San Diego area.

Located in downtown, our support techs quickly dispatch to all parts of San Diego County. And with our remote access, we can help any customer system when support is needed.

As a Technology Solution Provider, we serve small and medium-sized businesses so you reap the benefits of predictable IT costs and proactive services. We also have a bilingual team ready to assist.

“..In addition to their technical expertise, their technical staff is very personable and eager to help. I can’t remember a time they weren’t able to figure something out and make it work. I would highly recommend Skyline IT Services as an Information Technology outsourcing partner for any firm, any size.”

Sharon Geraty
VP Operations, Yellow Cab