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We’ve all seen those movies that claim artificial intelligence will one day take over the world, but at the time of shooting, AI was nowhere near the levels portrayed in these films. Today, however, artificial intelligence is more advanced than ever before. While reports claim AI will not be taking over the world like we see in science fiction movies, there are several areas where artificial intelligence has been able to make improvements, offer convenience, and more. Artificial intelligence can also play a role in many different areas of life and the latest ChatGPT is an excellent example. 

Following the release of ChatGPT in November, the internet has become obsessed with this artificial intelligent technology. We are going to take a closer look at what ChatGPT is and the factors that make it such a big hit in the AI industry. We will also provide a detailed overview of how you can gain access to the chatbot ChatGPT to give it a try yourself. 

Screen with ChatGPT chat with AI or artificial intelligence. Man search for information using artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI.

What Is ChatGPT?

We should start by taking a closer look at what exactly ChatGPT is. This will give you a better overview of the technology and also give you an idea about why it has become such a big obsession recently. 

Chatbots are nothing new, as they have been introduced quite a while back. Over time, these technologies have been gaining traction and slowly evolving. Chatbots have been able to cut the cost of providing customer service by over 30% for many businesses. Reports also suggest by the end of the year 2022, businesses expect the use of chatbots to reduce their expenses regarding customer service provision by as much as $8 billion. Between the years 2018 and 2020, the adoption rate for chatbots among the corporate world has increased by 67%. 

ChatGPT holds many similarities to the chatbots that companies have been using for some time, but there are important differences behind it. A regular chatbot is usually trained based on the type of questions it may expect. For example, a business selling shoes will train the bot to provide responses based on the products and services sold by the company. Customers asking any details that are not related to the information fed to the bot would then be directed to a human consultant, as the bot is unable to provide assistance at this point of the conversation. These bots also usually provide short and to-the-point answers, which does not really create a human-like conversation with customers. 

This is where ChatGPT comes into the picture. ChatGPT still relies on a collection of information that it is provided with, but it offers much longer responses in the form of a dialogue. The chatbot is capable of providing information that is informative and authoritative. 

ChatGPT is one of the latest AI technologies released by OpenAI, a system that focuses on advancing technologies related to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and related matters. The primary idea behind the development and release of ChatGPT is to provide the public an overview of what a large-scale artificial intelligence chatbot would be capable of. There are a countless number of questions that people can ask the chatbot and it would provide a written response based on the information that is available in its database. 

Computer screen with ChatGPT chat with AI or artificial intelligence. Man search for information using artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI.

What Makes ChatGPT Special?

There are a couple of things that really makes ChatGPT stand out and contributes to the widespread reports and obsession with the new chatbot technology. The chatbot is not like the chatbots you can find on Facebook that provide automated customer service feedback. It also doesn’t prompt you on “how can we help” with a selection of buttons that you need to choose from. Instead, it’s all built into a dialogue-like panel that seems like you are having a chat with another person. 

 The lengthy responses that ChatGPT is able to produce is one thing that has impressed many people. This is due to the specific way in which the artificial intelligence was designed. It is fed a fixed database of information, which is retrieved from the internet. The chatbot has been taught how to recognize certain patterns in the information that it has access to. In addition to this, the researchers behind the technology have also further trained ChatGPT alongside humans. This helped the chatbot to learn more about human behavior and the way that humans perceive data, as well as how they ask questions. 

The result is a chatbot that seems to have a greater understanding of the questions that you ask it. It can even provide long format answers in order to provide you with a detailed overview of a specific problem you are facing – or interesting facts about something you are not sure about. 

How To Access ChatGPT?

Usually, when you want to use a chatbot that comes with artificial intelligence, you will have to pay an access or subscription fee. This is due to the fact that the majority of chatbots that have been developed focus primarily on corporate clients who want to have automation in their customer service provisioning. 

Things are quite different with ChatGPT. This is not a commercial application that you can install onto your Facebook page or website in order to provide automatic prompts to your customers. Instead, ChatGPT only exists in a single space, hosted on the official OpenAI platform. Currently, this is the only area where you are able to access ChatGPT. 

The good news is that ChatGPT does not involve the payment of any access or subscription fees. Furthermore, you do not need any special credentials or own a business before you are able to give the AI chatbot a try yourself. This makes it accessible for anyone with an email address – as you will need to create a free user account before you are able to access the bot. 

Simply head over to the official ChatGPT website to get started. The first step is to register for an account, if you do not already have one. You will essentially be creating an OpenAI account and not one specifically for ChatGPT. This is because ChatGPT is integrated into the OpenAI platform – and all integrations use the same login. After you enter your email address and choose a password, you need to go through a simple verification process. Simply head back to your email inbox and click on the verification link, then fill out your first and last names. 

This brings you to the actual chat page where you can start to interact with ChatGPT. The interface is very simple. You can add new threads if you want to start a new chat. Remember that the bot will remember the previous chats you had when you ask it a new question, so if you want to start from scratch, open a new thread. Additionally, you can also find options to switch to a dark mode on the left menu, as well as links to the updates, faqs, and discord pages. 

The team behind ChatGPT is open to feedback, criticism, and suggestions from the public. Be sure to head over to their Discord server and provide the team with some feedback about what you think of the ChatGPT technology. The community is friendly and interactive, and uses feedback from users to further improve on the technology they have developed. 

Current Limitations Of ChatGPT

Even though ChatGPT is already quite impressive, there are still some limitations that need to be taken into consideration. First of all, ChatGPT is not actively connected to the internet. This means you cannot ask the chatbot about current affairs or news articles. When you ask a question about recent events, the chatbot notifies you that the knowledge of ChatGPT is limited to the data that has been added to its database. At the time of writing, ChatGPT contains information that is up to date to the period of 2021. New data will likely be added to the database in the next few months, which could further expand on the information that ChatGPT can access and analyze to provide an informative answer. 

Even though the data that ChatGPT provides during a conversation seems authoritative, the team at OpenAI behind the bot asks the users not to rely on these details. This is because there is no guarantee that the data is completely accurate. There have previously been cases where the bot was able to produce an authoritative answer, yet it contained invalid remarks or errors in the data that was presented to the user. 

This limitation is partly due to the fact that the data that ChatGPT has access to is fixed. The bot is not given the ability to browse the internet in order to search for new data. 

The Present Capabilities Of ChatGPT

We’ve established the fact that there are limitations to what ChatGPT is capable of. Even though these limitations exist, the bot is still quite advanced, especially when you compare it to other chatbots that have been created in the past. ChatGPT has vast knowledge on a large number of different subjects – so you could essentially ask it about anything, as long as it does not cross the current limitations in its capabilities. 

Daniel Herman, a high school teacher who has been enjoying his job for 12 years now, commented on the capabilities that ChatGPT can provide currently. In his response to ChatGPT’s functions, Daniel points out that the artificially intelligent chatbot is actually capable of producing essay-like responses that are better than a majority of the students in high school. 

ChatGPT is not for a casual conversation but rather a platform that offers informative responses to valid questions. Still, there are some fun questions that you can still ask ChatGPT – and when you are not fully satisfied with the progress, then you can simply ask the chatbot to try again. 

The chatbot is also capable of “learning” within a thread. When you start a thread, the bot will continue to remember the last questions you asked it. These questions and details are then taken into consideration when you decide to ask it another question. For example, you might ask the bot something about a specific instrument. In your next question, you could ask a question about learning to play music without specifying the instrument. Since you already talked to the bot about a specific instrument, it will assume that you have an interest in it. Thus, the answer that ChatGPT provides you with will have a close relation to the instrument that you asked about previously. 

For the average user who wants to try it out, you might not be sure what to ask ChatGPT to get started with. We’re going to take a closer look at a few questions that you can ask – start with these to experience firsthand what a large-scale artificially intelligent chatbot is capable of in the modern day while keeping in mind that consistent updates are made to improve the technology. 

Here are some questions to get you started:

  • Write me a poem
  • Write me a song
  • Tell me about Newton’s laws of motion
  • What rhymes with (enter a word) – for example, what rhymes with purple or pink

You could even go far as to ask the bot to write a poem or song about something very specific, and it will use the data in its database, along with the capabilities it was taught through human interaction, to come up with something. Be creative, as this is a great way to really see what AI and ChatGPT, in particular, are capable of at the moment. 

The latest advancements in artificial intelligence comes in the form of ChatGPT, a chatbot that allows you to have a very natural conversation. The chatbot uses a massive database of information in order to quickly analyze dialogue and provide feedback without much of a delay. While still in development, ChatGPT has already made waves and created a very impressive dialogue with people. Access is not restricted, which means anyone is able to gain access and have a first-hand experience with ChatGPT for themselves.